Makeup Favourites: Lipstick

This is part two in my makeup favourites series!

You can find the first part here ( ) where I talk about my all time favourite highlighter!

Lipstick is one of my all time favourite makeup products to buy and wear so narrowing my favourites down proved to be quite the challenge!

Liquid lipsticks have become a huge favourite of mine over the past few months, in particular, the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. These liquid lipsticks are my favourite formula out of any lipsticks that I have tried. Although his lipsticks don’t exactly come with drugstore prices they are still really affordable especially here in New Zealand where makeup is ridiculously expensive.

Jeffree’s line has a huge shade range from your super bright and out their colours to your everyday neutrals so there’s a shade for everyone.

Currently, I only have four of his shades but I will definitely be expanding my Jeffree Star collection when my summer collection items arrive. The shades I have are: Deceased (2016 Holiday collection), Gemini, Androgyny and Celebrity Skin (And I have five more on the way!!).

From left to right: Celebrity Skin (My Favourite!), Androgyny, Gemini, Deceased
From left to right: Deceased, Gemini, Androgyny, Celebrity Skin (My Favourite!)

Celebrity skin has to be my favourite shade of lipstick, not only from his collection but out of all of my lipsticks. This shade is the most wearable warm nude shade and it is so flattering on all skin tones. This shade is so flattering on all skin tones and it’s definitely a must-have for everyone’s collection.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin

My favourite stick formula would have to be that of the MAC Lipsticks. My favourite finish from the MAC line is the MATTE formula. Stick lipsticks are something that I have gone off since I discovered the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks but the MAC Matte Lipsticks are still something that I find myself reaching for. MAC lipsticks retail for $40 here in New Zealand which compared to brands like Jeffree Star Cosmetics (His are only $25 if you buy from the USA) they are quite expensive. The price tag along with the customer service at most MAC counters in New Zealand is the reason why I only own one MAC lipstick.


From left to right: MAC MATTE Lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy, Jeffree Star Velour Lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin

Lipstick is one of my favourite makeup items as I just love how it makes me feel when I wear it. Lipstick can totally change your mood and make you feel so much more confident and fierce!

I’m always on the look out for new lipsticks to try out so let me know what your favourite lipstick is in the comments!


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