Makeup Favourites: Highlighter

Makeup Favourites is a new series on my blog where I talk about my favourite makeup products from each “category” of makeup. To kick off this series we’re beginning with Highlighter!!

Highlighter is one of my most favourite makeup products of all time but until recently I haven’t been able to find a holy grail highlighter. A couple of months ago I decided to give into the hype and buy one of MAC’s most talked about products: Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin finish. This has been a product that I reach for every day and I find that my makeup just never looks complete unless I’m wearing this.

Soft and Gentle is described as a gilded peach bronze on the MAC website but I find that’s it comes across as a warm peach toned champagne on the skin.

Soft and gentle gives the skin the most stunning glow to the skin. This product is quite unique in the fact that it can be both a natural or intense highlighter. If worn lightly it gives the skin a natural looking sheen and gives the impression that you just have naturally glowing skin. This highlighter can also be built up to give the skin a super intense and reflective glow, this is how I tend to wear this product.

MAC’s Soft and Gentle


The packaging:

I am a huge lover of MAC’s packaging. I love how simplistic and sleek it looks with the classic black packaging with the white detailing to it. I find their packaging to be so compact and practical compared to other brands (eg too faced) who release these small makeup items in huge bulky packaging. The packaging of this item I find so stunning but it’s small enough for it to be easy to travel with.

I was quite sceptical about purchasing this product due to how much hype it has received in the beauty community over the past few years but when I tried this in store I was blown away. Before this, I didn’t really own many MAC products due to how expensive MAC is here in NZ (this highlighter cost me $64) but lately I’ve been converted to being a huge MAC lover due to the amazing quality of their products.

I feel like this product is going to be a holy grail product of mine for many more years to come. This is definitely a product that’s worth the splurge and I have no regrets about taking the plunge and purchasing this highlighter.


-Intense and stunning glow

– Blends smoothly into the skin

– You get a lot of product for the price


  • It’s a higher end product so it comes with a high-end price

Buy it here:

Special mention: Essence single eyeshadow in the shade Grammy goes glammy.

Before I purchased MAC’s Soft and Gentle, the essence single eyeshadow in the shade Grammy goes Glammy was my favourite highlighter to wear on a day to day basis. I’m now on my second one of these eye shadows and it’s still one of my favourite’s. This eye shadow gives a really reflective champagne golden glow to the skin. For an eye shadow, the pigment of this on the check is super intense and it is even more intense and pigmented than most of my highlighters.

This eye shadow only cost me $3.60 so its definitely worth the price!!
This is a product that I would happily purchase for a much higher price so it’s definitely worth picking up!

Essence grammy goes glammy eyeshadow




MAC’s Soft and Gentle Swatched
Essence grammy goes glammy eyeshadow
Left: Soft and Gentle Right: Essence grammy goes glammy eyeshadow

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